Foundation Repair Cost

Tree roots and storms, faulty plumbing or floods, unstable soils or just plain settlement due to aging, all are causes of wear, tear and eventual home foundation failure. The damages can be as minimal as a broken or clogged pipe or gutter or as extensive as severely cracked, sunken, tipped and bowed walls and floors. The cost of a foundation repair job varies according to the extent of the damages incurred.

Costs can be on as low as a few hundred dollars, to as high as several thousand dollars; it all depends on the age of the property, degree of damage, and usually qualification and experience of the repair team. It may be enough to through a person into panic, thoughts of mounting expenses, it is important to remember that the cost of any repair is worth making your big investment, your home, safe, secure and marketable. The fact that, if you are lucky, more often than not, the actual costs are lower than the given estimates doesn’t hurt either.

While providing a true estimate of costs without a thorough on-site inspection is almost not possible, a breakdown of influencing factors and condition variables with an overall range of component costs, can give you a rough approximation of just how big a dent, a foundation repair will put in your pockets. 

A ballpark estimate of a foundation repair job is as follows:

  • Basic crack repair – within a $300 to $2000 range per crack
  • Average per pier installation cost ( a standard foundation repair job requires at least 8-10 pier installed) — $1300
  • Excavation or tunneling (if required) — $250 to $350 per foot

Roughly a complete foundation repair in Houston falls somewhere in the range of $5000 to $9000 with $2000 on the lower side and $13,000 on the higher side. There are however other variables to consider that may or may not influence the costs incurred.

They are:

  • A formal inspection and hiring of foundation repair contractors (and structural engineers if required)
  • Soil Reports from a geo-technical engineer, if needed.
  • Obtaining building permits from the city
  • Any additional seismic work if living in an earthquake prone area
  • Hidden obstacles such as old repair methods (epoxy injectibles etc) or extra-deep footings
  • Plantings, landscaping can also influence the costs such as old and powerful tree roots
  • Extended structures such as house decks and garages can also be an added expense if they hinder access to the foundation.

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