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Project Hope of Houston offers a variety of services to help both commercial as well as residential foundations. The foundation of a building is the very base that carries the entire weight of the structure. So many different conditions can cause a foundation to become unstable, resulting in an assortment of problems all throughout one’s home.  Some of the signs to recognize foundation problems, along with the causes, are listed below:

Uneven Floors 

Sagging and jagged floors are a sure sign of foundation problems, usually the structural kind. They can be caused by house settling, poor support designs or even incorrect waterproofing. When the floor feels bumpy or is buckling, it is because the floor beams were either over-spanned, or the columns under-spaced or just not properly supported in the initial design. An improper waterproofing can cause moisture to seep into the supporting wood structures rotting them and creating further problems. The house can also, overtime, settle and sag due to unstable soil underneath.  

Bowed Walls

Curved and deformed walls are another indication of serious foundation issues. Heavy rain, poor drainage, water logging issues, and inadequate foundation grading are all reasons of bowed walls. Usually a major problem in basements, when the water from garden over-watering, or heavy rains, drains in the ground next to your structural foundation, the soil absorbs and expands putting extreme amounts of pressure against the basement walls. Continued pressure will start causing damage to the entire construction. When the soil dries, it will pull away from the walls of the foundation thus creating an empty space which leads to further weakening of the house. 

Drywall Nail Pop

An obvious sign of foundation damage is when nails start popping out of corner frames, drywalls, or sheet-rocks. While seemingly a minor annoyance, this is a clear indication that the house is settling and is in dire need of a foundation repair. Major causes of this particular problem include, poor drainage or excess water-logging by installing a swimming pool or landscaping too close that creates areas of weakened foundation, or dry drought like weather where soil pulls away, or even incorrect soil compaction before the foundation was even laid down resulting in a foundation shift over time. All in all, a reason for concern. 

Cracked drywalls, bricks, concretes slabs; stuck doors and windows are all signs of an unstable and inadequately supported foundation that requires immediate notice and repair. Processes like underpinning, that provide additional support structures or piers beneath the foundation by hired professional help are solutions worth looking into and should be considered to ensure longevity of your home’s structure.

If you see any of these signs, then don’t wait, call (281) 653-8139 for a free consultation.

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